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Project Finance
Under this financing arrangement, term finance is provided for a specified project by banks/ financial institutions against the project cash flows. This type of financing is suitable for capital intensive projects like infrastructure, industrial projects and public services projects, where projects are funded by combination of Debt & Equity.
Term Loans
Term Loans are provided for the purpose of acquisition of fixed assets viz. land, building, plant & machinery for setting up of new industrial units or expansion / modernization of existing units. The term loans are required to be repaid out of cash generation from operations over a period of time in a pre-arranged schedule.
Working Capital Finance
Working Capital Finance enables business owners manage day to day operations. The most commonly used working capital facilities prevalent in India include Cash Credit, Overdraft, Bill Discounting, Letter of Credits & Factoring.
Corporate Loan
Corporate Loan is a rupee and/or foreign currency loan to corporate for normal capital expenditure, working capital margin, shortfall in working capital and general corporate purposes, including expenses on business acquisition where no tangible asset creation is envisaged. The repayment period for the loans would normally does not exceed 3 years.
Promoter Funding Facility
Promoter Funding is offered to promoters of the listed companies against pledge of their equities in respective companies enabling them to meet their fund requirements. A promoter loan against shares is an instant line of credit and interest is charged only on the amount utilized.
FCNRB loan is lending for working capital & term loan requirements of resident customers for productive activities by way of Foreign Currency Loans through deployment of FCNRB deposit funds with commercial banks.
Equipment Finance
Under this arrangement the purpose of financing is to make possible the acquisition of income producing equipments by business enterprise while the lender retains the title or holds a lien on & the purchaser contracts to pay off the obligation on an installment basis.
Non Convertible Debentures
This is a type of debt instrument that is issued for a fixed maturity and in which no part of the debenture is convertible into equity. The face value of the debenture is redeemed in one instalment (a bullet payment) or in tranches. Typical redemption periods range from 5 years to 10 years. Interest is normally paid quarterly or half yearly. The interest rate that is offered varies from company to company.
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