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TRUUE Global Financial Services (P) Ltd. ("TRUUE") is a boutique financial solution firm (both Debt & Equity segments) offering financial Syndication & Advisory services to upcoming, small and medium entrepreneurs. With its good research capabilities and relationships, it leverages to add optimum value to its clients. To understand the need of entrepreneurs and helping them in fund raising, preparation of detailed project reports is one of the key activities of TRUUE

TRUUE has been engaged in providing assistance to Banks and Financial Institutions in the Management of Stressed Assets by way of One Time Settlements, Corporate Debt Restructuring, etc. We have been instrumental in various complicated assignments relating to the payments distribution and recovery from disposal of Sick Companies

With a strong Indian presence and relationships, "TRUUE" has been an investment bank of choice both for companies who are scouting for funding solutions in India and for Indian companies looking at strategic funding options internationally. We have assisted their stakeholders by providing timely access to tailor made financial solutions

"TRUUE" group has a team of dedicated professionals at its offices in Delhi, Mumbai, Indore and Pune along with corporate office at Ahmedabad & associates located across key markets in India, Singapore, UAE and Europe.

"TRUUE" is empanelled with PFC Consulting Limited (wholly owned subsidiary of Power Finance Corporation), Bank of Baroda, UCO Bank, Central Bank of India and Corporation Bank for TEV Studies.

We are sector agnostic and work across many industry verticals such as Dyes, Chemicals and intermediates, Metals and Mining, Manufacturing, Telecom, Logistics, realty, FMCG Products, Pharmaceuticals, Clinical research Outsourcing, etc

Our client profile ranges from early stage ventures to privately held small fast growth firms to large Corporates. We work mainly with mid-market and high growth companies with the aim to taking them to the next level in the growth curve by providing "out-of-the-box" corporate finance solutions and advisory services

Promoted and managed by team of professionals from the field of Chartered Accountants, MBAs and Marketing field. The promoters have syndicated debt to the tune of Rs. 10000 cr. for Corporates with Pan India presence in field of infrastructure, aviation, dyes and Chemicals, textile, Construction, Steel, Mining and Real Estate. In the last 20 years, we have prepared more than 150 Project Reports worth more than Rs.20000 Crores.

Genuine Funding Solutions to create value & make a difference

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Truue has its presence in the following cities represented by its Business partners and adding more:
Amritsar, Chandigarh, Gandhinagar, Bijapur, Mumbai, Pune, Banglore, Chennai, Hoshangabad, Kochi, Nagpur, Raipur, Bhavnagar, Coimbatore, Hyderabad, Lucknow, New Delhi, Rajkot, Bhubneswar, Coochbehar, Jaipur, Ludhiyana, Noida, Surat, Burhanpur, Delhi, Junagadh, Mehsana, Patna, Trichy Vadodara

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Techno- Economic Viability (TEV) studies

Narmada Concast (P) Ltd.

4care Life sciences Pvt. Ltd.

Jadeja Industries Limited

Shree Ram Industries

CN Hygiene LLP

Armaan Infrastructure

Kaniwa Bioscience Private Limited

Matadar Group

Jay Dwarkadhish Spintex Pvt Ltd

Raghuvir Corporation

M/s. Bakeri Residences LLP

Meri Life Science Private Limited


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TRUUE has now 47 Channel Partners in 31 cities
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TRUUE is entering into Retail Finance Business under new Brand 'TRUUE LITE' very soon.

TRUUE added new Branch in Indore under leadership of Mr. Alok Satyadev, a seasoned Ex-Banker. Indore Office address: 508, Block A 2, Milan Heights, Near Agrawal Public School, BicholiMardana Road, Indore-452016.



1. Empanelled with State Bank of India As Techno Economic Viability (TEV) Studies.

2. Empanelled with Central Bank of India As Techno Economic Viability (TEV) Studies.

3. Empanelled with Bank of Baroda As Techno Economic Viability (TEV) Studies.

4. Empanelled With PFC Consulting Ltd As Techno Economic Viability (TEV) Studies.

5. Empanelled With UCO Bank As Tecno Economic Viability (TEV) Studies.

6. Empanelled With MPCON Limited As Tecno Economic Viability (TEV) Studies.

7. PFC Consulting Ltd, A 100% Subsidiary Of Power Finance Corporation Ltd, Has Empanelled The Company For A Commercial Support & Due Diligence; Financial Restructuring Of Entities.

8. Empanelled With Asset Reconstruction Company (India) Ltd as Enforcement.

9.Truue has been empanelled With Sector Bank For Techno Economic Viabillty (Tev) Studies.

10. Empanelled With National Bank As Techno Economic Viabillty (Tev) Studies.

11. Empanelled With State Bank of India (Resolution Agent)

12. Empanelled With Allahabad Bank (Recovery Agent)


New Articles

Article 1

Role of Asset Reconstruction Companies (ARCs)

I wish to share my views on Asset Reconstruction Companies operating in India, their purpose and approach. ARCs have not only failed in our country but also damaged the economy.


Article 2

Stressed Accounts: Common Feature

I thought to share something about the corporate stress .
While advising the clients mainly in stress, I noticed certain common features. These can be used as warning signals too which may help businessmen to avoid the trap of stress.


Article 3

NPA Accounts-Way Forward

In current scenario the non performing assets are increasing day by day. As per rough estimates the NPA loans are estimated to be over 4 Lac Crore or 70 Billions. These are official figures and unofficially it can be near to 6 Lac Crores or 100 billions.


Article 4

Stressed Accounts- Settlement Process

In continuation of my posts in relation to the stressed accounts, I wish to share my views in regard to the settlement and closure of the account


Article 5

Strategic Debt Restructuring (SDR) Scheme: Overview

Recently RBI has come out with a new circular on June,8, 2015 wherein it has elaborated in detail the modes operandi of loan conversion into shares leading to management takeover.


Article 6

CIBIL �Introduction and Importance

Credit Information Bureau (India) Limited is India�s first Credit Information Company (CIC) founded in August 2000. CIBIL collects and maintains records of an individual�s payments pertaining to loans and credit cards.


Article 7

Strategic Debt Restructuring (SDR)- Post 2

Recently I had written about new RBI guidelines about Strategic Debt Restructuring (SDR) Scheme, where in the lending banks are authorised to convert the loan into equity and take management control of the borrowing company.


Article 8

Distressed Units- Some suggestions to Revive

UPA was ruling the country since 10 years in beginning of 2014 without any major challenges and the last 3 years had witnessed policy Paralysis. The country could not see any vibration as if every thing was left to the hands of God.


Article 9

Non Performing / Stressed Account: Role of Consultants

When an account is high rated and well performing, there are many options and opportunities to the unit and the promoters. The money flows in and there is always a que of investors.


Article 10

Stressed Accounts: Challenges in Restructuring/Revival

Once an account enters into stressed by way of SMA0, SMA 1 & SMA 2 and then doubtful, substandard and Loss account,


Article 11

Stressed Accounts: Role of Promoters� Family

When going is good, everything looks good. The society, Relatives, Friends, Peers, Employees and Colleagues give lot of respect and applause.


Article 12

NPA Feature: Excess Non-Productive Investments

While we continue to advise the clients who are in trouble and passing through serious stress , there are certain common features,


Article 13

CDR Mechanism: Why Failed?

Corporate Debt Restructuring mechanism popularly known as CDR was devised by Reserve Bank of India way back about 15 years ago with the good intention to help the ailing companies in revival.


Article 14

PSBs- Oxygen of Rs. 70 K Crores : Serious Flaw in Banking Structure

Indian Economy in last 68 years has seen substantial growth post independence. The Economy got boost in 1991 by way of liberalization.


Article 15

Mounting NPAs: What Went Wrong (WWW)?

In last 15 years, Indian Banks have tasted huge jump in non- performing assets.


Article 16

Mounting NPAs: What Went Wrong (WWW)? Part-2: Development in Banking System

Carrying forward the discussion on four major issues responsible for mounting NPAs, let us dig these issues further.


Article 17

Mounting NPAs: What Went Wrong (WWW)? Part-3: Sudden Growth in Economy

Post liberalization, the economy started vibrating tremendously and this led to freeing various sectors of the Economy particularly Finance , Infrastructure and Industry.


Article 18

Mounting NPAs: What Went Wrong (WWW)? Part-4: Political Compulsions & Corruption

In addition to the factors analysed in previous posts responsible for disaster in the Banks in the form of NPAs and Stressed accounts


Article 19

Mounting NPAs: What Went Wrong (WWW)? Part-5: Overambitions/Greed of Entrepreneurs

To conclude my views over mounting NPAs , last but not the least key factor lies with the borrowers.


Article 20

Effect of Federal Rate, RBI Actions and Chinese Impact on NPA in India

Recent developments across the world are showing signs of further stress in the economy.


Article 21

NPA/Stress : Disease but Not the End

Bankers/ Lenders behave differently and rather rudely once the account becomes NPA..


Article 22

Revival of Stressed Account: Employee Participation

In last some of my posts I had shared my views on one of the most sensitive issue of banking sector currently i.e. Stressed/ NPA accounts.


Article 23

Challenges in Running a NPA unit

It is a very tough job to revive an unit once it falls into the trap of Stress.


Article 24

Upcoming NPA Scenario: Are Banks going to be Hit Harder again?

This is the question which banking / lenders segment asking itself.


Article 25

NPA: How to Turn Failure into Success

It is not a welcome situation to turn into NPA where you default in all the commitments and face the legal issues.


Article 26

Handling of Defaulting / Stressed Accounts by Lenders: Serious Faults

Stressed accounts who have defaulted are given almost same treatment irrespective of the issues involved.


New Deals

1. Required J.V partner for commercial project in Ahmedabad investment size 20.00 Cr worth of Rs. 120.00 Cr.

2. Unsold stock of commercial and residential properties available at Ahmedabad, Surat, Pune.

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