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NPA: How to Turn Failure into Success

It is not a welcome situation to turn into NPA where you default in all the commitments and face the legal issues. At stake is the complete career, wealth and reputation of the borrowers. In a situation of stress or default, there would be very few options left to move forward and that too at very dear cost.
It is not easy to survive once you default in making payments. I fact, this is the beginning of the dark future ahead where your capabilities, achievements are put to question. No one believes that once you were the achiever, fighter, survivor and visionary.
A single situation washes out the image built up in decades. In most of the cases the borrower surrenders and starts withdrawing himself from the stage. Instead of focusing on business he moves towards legal and finance angles.

It is necessary too but the thought process should not be fully concentrated on these. One must not forget that it is the business which is real domain of the borrower which need to sharpen again. It is only the business which can bring back the lost shine. 


The speed with which the situation deteriorates and actions are initiated against the borrowers, it becomes imperative to face and fight with full force. Equally important is the zeal to bounce back.


I wish to share my views how this situation can be turned into opportunity. A situation of stress can be really turned into a lifetime opportunity if properly handled. The accounts become NPA and the credibility of the borrower is in negative zone. 

What we forget is the fact that the borrower knows his Business very well and has climbed to the top due to his expertise, hard work and vision. Only certain decisions went wrong and he fell down. Since he had the guts to climb on top , means he is expert, hard working and visionary.
This can not be debated unless the success was with manipulation so or other objectionable methods. May be certain decisions went wrong or mismanaged the business or overconfidence or may be certain factors beyond his control resulted into this situation.
But, in new phase, if opportunity is given again, he is not going to repeat the same mistakes. Also, he will work with more concentration and hard work as he has seen the life nearing to death. Without any emotions to the failed business if he decides to restart from scratch and rebuild.
believe me, it would not take even 25% of the time invested in building up earlier. This is because the entrepreneur has learned a lot in stress. He would be more successful. Particularly first generation entrepreneurs have better chance to rebuild.
C P Jain
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